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SME Consulting

We offer a wide range of management consultancy services to SMEs to partner with them in achieving corporate goals. We do this by facilitating strategic planning and execution, corporate training, and expert advice in achieving development, growth, and sustainability.

Business process analysis (BPA) is a methodology that helps organisations deeply examine internal processes to find opportunities for improvement. BPA helps to identify processes that are more efficient or effective and to assess whether processes are set up to align with business goals.

BPA focuses specifically on the analysis of business processes and making recommendations for improvement based off data collected during the analysis to reach critical insights.

When applied to the right 'as-is' process, business process analysis gives a clear understanding to the process owners so that they can make a sound judgement.

Having the right resources empower you to run your business effectively. We will analyse your business on three major aspects:

  • 1. Physical Infrastructure
  • 2. Human Capital
  • 3. IT Infrastructure

New products and services are the lifeblood of all businesses. Investing in their development is not an optional extra - it is crucial to business growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Ideally, you should always have new products or services to introduce not only to meet your customers' needs, but you also must do so in a way that is better than the alternatives offered by the competition.

Your new products or services need a unique selling proposition - a feature or property that makes it stand out in the marketplace. Effective research into your markets and competitors will help you do this.

Strategic planning is critical for achieving corporate goals and we partner and facilitate strategy for marketing, sales, branding, growth, digital transformation, and sustainability.

Agile survival strategies help organisations to weather the rapid and constant variations of business cycles. The organisations survival strategy should be a combination of careful thought-out processes and evaluation of crucial decisions and showing confidence and building agility for change when faced with variations.

The organisations survival strategies should not just be a matter of developing and implementing specific agile processes, it requires you to constantly evaluate risks and thoughtfully assess when to surge ahead and when to maintain status quo.

We will help you adapt to agile business survival strategies to insulate your organisation in tough times and find ways to convert your survival strategies into growth strategies.

A growth strategy is an organisation's plan for overcoming current and future challenges to realise its goals for expansion.

Growth strategy allows companies to expand their business, by adopting practices like adding new locations, investing in customer acquisition, or expanding a product line. A concrete growth strategy is more than a marketing strategy. A company's industry and target market influences which growth strategies it should choose.